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Dear Friend,

As a someone whose background compliments our mission of fostering constitutional democracy worldwide, I am writing to invite you to become a member of the International Bundesbrief Society. Our name comes from the Bundesbrief of 1291AD (sister of the Magna Carta of 1215AD) – the founding document for the nascent Swiss nation, which endures today as a symbol for those societies worldwide who still seek liberty.

The priceless 715-year old Bundesbrief document left Switzerland for the first time on June 10th, 2006 and was displayed at the National Constitution Center in the birth city of our nation, Philadelphia. Its presence and symbolism triggered the founding of our society. Honorary members of our International Bundesbrief Society include Joseph Deiss, President of the United Nations General Assembly 2011, Faith Whittlesy, former U.S. Ambassador to Switzerland, Arnold Koller, former Swiss Federal Councilor and “father of the modern Swiss Constitution,” Honorable James Gerlach and Joseph Pitts, members the U.S. House of Representatives, Swiss Senator Filippo Lombardi, of Ticino and Representative Thomas Aeschi, Nationalrat, of Canton Zug.

Billions of people around the world yearn for the freedoms we all enjoy in countries like Switzerland, the United States, Canada, and the other great constitutional democracies. Yet, strive as they may, a mountain of barriers exist–built by time and tyranny. However, we can help break these barriers by showing the way to constitutional democracy with the Bundesbrief as the messenger. Join our International Bundesbrief Society and pledge support for our world-wide mission of freedom, liberty, education, democracy, ethics, federalism, rule-of-law and fair dealing.

As background, I am a dual U.S. and Swiss citizen, graduate of the University of Pennsylvania School of Public and Urban Policy, and a life member of our local New Helvetic Society. My relationship with family in Switzerland and America has inspired me to share our unique and powerful democratic heritage with the world. Your membership would accelerate a rapidly growing local, national, and international membership drive for patriots and law-abiding people with an affinity for Swiss-style democracy.

There are 6 Membership Levels
Student – $50
Patriot Member – $100
Santis Member – $250
Rigi Member- $500
Matterhorn Member- $1000
Rutli Member- $5000 (Life Member)

Every new member will receive a poster of the original Bundesbrief as well as the Helvetica America Map indicating U.S. city names with Swiss lineage.

Benefits of membership are broad and include collegial relations with other members at a high level, invitations to contemporary political, scientific and cultural events, solidarity with international peers, family genealogy discoveries, and extended family unions. Those who join our society include proponents of constitutional liberty, worldwide Swiss patriots, scholars of democratic form, as well as embassy and consular leadership.

Too few people know the fundamental truth of the Bundesbrief and the great Swiss republic, and your support will help empower our work. Your membership will help us reach out to school children, to scholars, to average citizens and to seekers of truth from foreign lands. Democracy is to be vigorously protected if it is to survive, and your membership makes a difference.

The biggest threat currently facing our nations and communities is a lack of tolerance and understanding. Our core mission is to foster enlightened democratic leadership and open-minded constitutional dialogue. Bundesbrief Society seminars, programs and initiatives offer a chance for restorative reflection on the meaning of leadership, inclusion, and sound public policy based on nonpartisan principles and timeless ideas.

In our lifetime, we have a chance to raise the world to a new standard of human excellence. There are eloquent democratic voices within the European Union, India, Japan, Australia, Brazil, South Korea, South Africa, Israel and in the newest democracy of Bhutan. Our goal is to lead by embodying and educating people everywhere about the virtues of freedom and democracy, by defending the rules of international civilized society and by supporting the new international institutions which are so necessary to advance the peace and freedoms we cherish.

Become a democracy ambassador today!


Jim Scherrer, President and Founder
International Bundesbrief Society