For our annual, brief look over your shoulder, we invite you to join us:

  • We were able to support several members with interest-free loans.
  • Around 2,900 requests came across our desks and through our telephone receivers with questions about AHV, BVG, taxes, insurance, banks, registration and deregistration and much more.
  • More than 50,000 users found their way to our website.
  • Around 3’700 people around the globe are Soliswiss members – that is an increase of 13%.
  • In 2021, we welcomed almost two new members every day. Welcome to our cooperative.

You can find out more about our 2021 here.

With best wishes for the new year and warm regards from the Soliswiss office,
Nicole, Matt, Isabelle, Patrick, Lara, Eveline