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    Solidarity with Swiss abroad since 1958

    We are a cooperative with around 4’500 members, which has been working for over sixty years to secure the livelihood of Swiss people abroad, emigrants, returnees and globetrotters.

    As a cooperative, we are independent and are not financed by the Confederation, but we can cooperate with the authorities and consulates thanks to service agreements. Top priority is given to all kinds of concerns of our members.

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    With us you will find answers

    We will inform and advise you by phone, e-mail and/or personally on questions concerning emigration, globetrotting, travel and return – free of charge for members, of course. We ask non-members to pay a moderate consultation fee.

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    Membership costs CHF 60 per year for a single person CHF 90 and CHF 150 for a couple. Membership can be requested online and can be cancelled at the end of each year.

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    Help yourself and get help

    We are a self-help organisation and organised as a cooperative. If you lose your economic livelihood  – triggered by political reasons – we can support you with a lump sum compensation. With our aid fund we can help members abroad who are otherwise in need.

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    We show you solutions

    With the help of our partners, we offer you privileged access to services, whether in the field of international health insurance, asset management, psychological support, bureaucratic hurdles or issues, and also provide legal advice.

    So as a globetrotter or Swiss abroad, you have access to a wide range of professional services – via just one contact point: Soliswiss. We are neither an insurance company nor do we offer insurance brokerage or asset management services ourselves.

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    Exclusive and preferential offers

    In addition to the lump sum compensation and Plan b, we offer our members access to other exclusive products and benefits:

    • Thanks to Soliswiss membership, as a Swiss citizen abroad you can take out liability insurance for families and individuals.
    • As a Soliswiss member, you benefit from special conditions when taking out travel insurance.
    • “visit@home” protects you when you travel to your home country, Switzerland.
    • Discounts on various offers.
    • Free advice.

    Soliswiss membership gives you discounted access to legal advice and psychological support.

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    Networking & exchange

    Here you will find exciting reports, interesting facts about emigrating, travelling, globetrotting and returning as well as assessments of political developments. Furthermore, you are welcome to share your own experiences with us and ask questions.