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Do you have any questions about being an “employer abroad”? We will be glad to inform and advise companies based in Switzerland or with a strong connection with Switzerland on topics such as deployment abroad, contract according to local law, compulsory insurance, continuation of AHV, voluntary AHV, protection of family members (both employed and non-employed), health insurance, sickness and accident allowance, disability and death benefits, old-age provision, liability, duty of care, home office abroad or emergency services. Upon request, we can provide group solutions through an insurer partner.

Learn more about our Club & Company membership, the membership for companies, organisations and associations with strong Swiss connections. At a cost of CHF 150 per year, it entitles the member persons or employees to offer a discounted rate for Soliswiss membership.

Soliswiss for employees

When you accept a job abroad, social security isn’t usually the first consideration you make. However, in the long run, good social security is what can save you some sleepless nights.

We offer a range of services and many years of expertise in social security and support you in your project.

To ensure the compliance of a foreign assignment, we advise you on the following topics, among others:

Compulsory social security, deployment abroad, continuation of the Swiss Old age and survivors’ insurance contributions (AHV), voluntary AHV contributions, protection of unemployed and employed family members, health insurance, daily sickness and accident benefits, disability and death benefits, old-age provident schemes, liability, duty of care, working from home abroad, emergency services, as well as various other services.

Plan your social security – our support covers a variety of concerns. Would you like to subscribe to a single or couple membership or book an online consultation? Please don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions.


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