You’ve decided to live abroad or to spend some time for extended traveling. You should definitively join Soliswiss. Your off-age daughter or son goes globe-trotting – give her or him a Soliswiss membership as present, this will help you sleep better. You are moving back to Switzerland but you are not overly excited about it. This can also be a reason to join. You are a company and you are sending your staff abroad. It is a matter of responsibility towards your staff to think about their physical and psychological safety.

Planning helps, but still sometimes the unexpected happens. It is part of good planning, to prepare if things do not go according to plan.

To emigrate, to work abroad is your big dream? Everyone hopes that the dream will come true without major problems. Everyone hopes never to be the victim of a violent crime, of a kidnapping, a terror attack, never to be caught between warring parties or to lose the economic livelihood that took so long to build. And if it still happens? Even if you manage to get away without bodily harm, the psychological pressure can be immense. Even in a very normal emigration or repatriation experience, the adaptation to the new life realities can be more difficult than expected-  including for the children. Loneliness, financial worries, unexpected illness, traumatic experiences along the way, difficulties to adapt can put a strain on you both when emigrating and when returning to Switzerland.

Soliswiss supports its members. The Plan b and Plan b Upgrade want to ensure, that you get out of a dangerous crisis situation as fast as possible. With the lump sum compensation and the auxiliary relief fund we can provide financial support in a pragmatic way. The offer of psychological online support can help you deal with the emotional side of things.

Plan b

As a member you are automatically covered in case of emergencies and crisis situations on your travels all over the world up to 90 days of travelling.

With the optional Plan b upgrade you are covered 365 days including in your country of residence, for CHF30 per year. Partners of Soliswiss members, including foreign nationals, can also opt for the Plan b Upgrade at the cost of CHF40 per year.

A Covered Crisis means:

  • Wrongful detention or kidnapping
  • Blackmail and extortion
  • Political threat
  • Disappearance
  • Hijack (vehicle/aeroplane)
  • Terrorist attack that has a direct effect on the safety of the person covered (subject to the limitation of the crisis cover period of 10 days)
  • Violent crime

The member has access to special services and trained specialists who will handle his/her case, should one of these crisis events occur. The services include the coordination of safety resources and connection with third parties, monitoring and advice, the mobilisation and the use of reaction advisers and a 24/7 emergency call centre. Costs for an emergency evacuation, interpreter, lawyer or court costs as well as transport and accommodation are also covered by Plan b. Specialists who know the local conditions and have a command of the local language take care of your safety.

Lump Sum Compensation

Lump Sum Compensation

As a member, you can submit a request for a lump sum compensation, if – after a waiting period of two years – you lose your economic livelihood due to political reasons. The lump sum compensation amounts to a maximum of CHF 10’000.–

General requirements for a lump sum compensation

The cooperative can support the member with a lump sum compensation within its financial possibilities.

  • The payment of a lump-sum compensation presupposes a loss of economic livelihood due to war, unrest or general political coercive measures.
  • The economic loss of livelihood must be substantial, not largely self-inflicted, and not temporary, the legal process must be exhausted if possible.
  • The lump-sum compensation may not exceed the amount of the economic loss.
  • The events leading to the loss of economic livelihood must have occurred after the waiting period of 2 years has expired.

The decision as to whether compensation will be paid lies with the Executive Board.

The current situation regarding lump-sum compensation can be found under News.

Auxiliary Relief Fund

The Auxiliare Relief Fund is funded by donations and income from the Soliswiss cooperative. The aid fund can support members with smaller amounts if the conditions for lump sum compensation are not met and therefore no lump sum compensation can be granted.

The current situation regarding aid fund can be found under News.

Life Coaching

Support via e-mail, telephone, WhatsApp, or Skype. With professional partners we are offering our members access to intercultural and psychological coaching services. The coaches have many years of experience abroad, and in interacting with people from different cultures and with different values. They can help you in a straightforward way, no matter where you are.

Get in touch with us and let us know what kind of support you need, no details necessary. We will forward your inquiry to the appropriate coach. It’s important for you to know that we’ll handle your request with the utmost discretion and won’t save any data.

Our advisors offer support in German, English, French and Spanish.

The initial consultation with a coach is free of charge for Soliswiss members, every additional consultation hour session costs CHF 150. Initial contact and assessment of your case in no way commits you to consultation, a contract, or any further obligations. You can pay for the services rendered directly on our website or per bank Transfer. Also non-members can benefit from the coaching and support services. We will then ask our partners to submit an offer so that you have full transparency of the potential costs.

Psychological support for companies
Do you want to give your employees the opportunity to get help discreetly and without great qualms, so that they can cope better with the challenges of a foreign assignment? Contact us, we will explore with you, without obligation, what kind of solution might make sense for you any your employees.


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