Do you have questions about emigration, globe-trotting, traveling  or returning to Switzerland? We are looking forward to inform and advise you.

  • Can I cancel my registration in Switzerland when I go on a world tour?
  • What happens to the old-age pension (AHV/AVS), my pension funds when I emigrate?
  • What do I have to pay attention to when I buy an international health insurance?
  • I am going to France as a pensioner, how do I insure myself?
  • Can I keep a bank account in Switzerland when I emigrate? What happens with my mortgage?
  • Does my liability insurance cover me even after I emigrated abroad?
  • My financial situation is difficult – now I want to work in Switzerland for a while to improve my finances, do I have to register in Switzerland, and what else should I consider?
  • I want to go back to Switzerland when I get old, but how can I afford it? What possibilities are there for old age pension benefits in Switzerland?
  • My parents have already emigrated and I was born here, but I would like to study in Switzerland and find a job? Do you have any tips for me?

Such and many other questions reach us regularly st Soliswiss. Soliswiss gives answers in a pragmatic and easy to understand way.

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