Members of Soliswiss can apply Care Soliswiss, if they are temporarily staying abroad and have the intention to return. This rule also applies to members who are deregistered in Switzerland. Those who, however, shifted its center of life abroad permanently, can not apply for this coverage. The liability insurance is available from 3 – 5 years and can be extended. Membership at Soliswiss cooperative is required for the purchase of this coverage.

  • For members with intention to return
  • Available from 3-5 years
  • Consultancy free of charge

Premium for individuals in EUR 110.00 EUR / year

Premium for families in EUR (children under the age of 18 years, married couples) 165.00 EUR / year

Additional information (pdf / 140 KB)

Additional protection by accident capital insurance

Basic invalidity amount 40.000,00 EUR
Maximum invalidity sum with scale of progression 350% 140.000,00 EUR
Benefit in the event of accidental death 25.000,00 EUR
Salvage costs following an accident 10.000,00 EUR
Cosmetic operations due to an accident 5.000,00 EUR

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