Are you confronted with challenges concerning finances or your financial retirement planning?

  • Your bank wants to cancel your bank account because you live abroad?
  • You would like to invest money legally in Switzerland?
  • You have a house and your bank threatens to cancel your mortgage?
  • You don’t know what to do with your Swiss old-age savings (Freizügigkeitskonto)?
  • You would like to ensure that you have sufficient retirement provisions and thus the financial means to decide whether to stay abroad or return to Switzerland?

We have some tips for you. Our partners can advise you on various options, help you protect your assets and clarify with you whether and how you can maintain or obtain a mortgage for your property in Switzerland. As a Soliswiss member, the Group Pension Plan gives you access to exclusive retirement savings solutions.


Thanks to our partnership with a renowned Swiss portfolio manager, you as a Soliswiss member have access to wealth management services in Switzerland, also for smaller fortunes. Our partner works with a structure independent of banks and is therefore able to avoid conflicts of interest.

Contact us, in case of interest.


Do you have real estate in Switzerland, or will you inherit one soon? Did your bank cancel or refuse to renew your mortgage because you are resident abroad? Or perhaps they did not even offer you help to finance your property? We might be able to help you as a Soliswiss member. Our partner is a first-rate financial services provider, who is willing to finance properties under certain conditions. We are happy to inform you.

Vested Benefits Account

Take care of your vested benefits account before you emigrate. Our renowned partners will show you the best way to handle your retirement capital and tell you what you should bear in mind in case you wish to withdraw the funds. Contact us for more information!

Group Pension Plan

As a Soliswiss member you have the unique opportunity to join the Group Pension Plan Soliswiss. You can choose between a single term payment or regular payments (at least CHF4000.– per year)  and so save for your retirement. Please contact us using the online form or call us. We will be happy to answer your general questions and in case of interest will arrange for a detailed information and consultation with our partner.

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