Lump sum compensation

With your annual membership fee of CHF 60, or your life long membership of CHF 900 you can apply for a lump sum compensation in case of loss of economic livelihood due to political risks. The sum paid for such a compensation is maximum 10’000.

General requirements for a lump sum compensation

The cooperative can support the member with a lump sum compensation within the framework of its financial possibilities in the following circumstances:

  • in case of loss of economic livelihood
  • through significant and not immediately balanced impairment of basic income and income opportunities
  • war, civil unrest, or
  • general political coercion (not self-inflicted).

What is a political risk?

Scenarios which can destroy the security or even the existential basis of the population or an individual are considered political risks. Political risks often occur suddenly and without advance warning. The exact definition of political risk is given in detail at the Soliswiss Forum.

Level of the lump sum compensation

With consent of Soliswiss and by paying additional voluntary annual contributions, the lump sum compensation for loss of economic livelihood can be increased up to 150,000 CHF. The extent of the lump sum compensation is generally calculated according to the Table below:


Voluntary additional annual contributions (CHF)  Lump Sum Compensation (CHF)
> 75.- 20‘000
150.- 30‘000
225.- 40‘000
300.- 50‘000
375.- 60‘000
450.- 70‘000
525.- 80‘000
600.- 90‘000
675.- 100‘000
750.- 110‘000
825.- 120‘000
900.- 130‘000
975.- 140‘000
>1‘050.- 150‘000

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