24/7 Assistance for travelers, whenever there is a threat of terrorism, violent crime, Kidnapping, political instability and other circumstances that could result in serious harm. For only 30 CHF per year.

A Covered Crisis means:

  • Wrongful detention or kidnapping
  • Blackmail and extortion
  • Political threat
  • Disappearance
  • Hijack (vehicle/aeroplane)
  • Terrorist attack that has a direct effect on the safety of the person covered (subject to the limitation of the crisis cover period of 10 days)
  • Violent crime

The member has access to special services and trained specialists which will handle his/her case, should one of these crisis events occur. The services include the coordination of safety resources and connection with third parties, monitoring and advice, the mobilisation and the use of reaction advisers and a 24/7 emergency call centre. Costs for an emergency evacuation, interpreter, lawyer or court costs as well as transport and accommodation are also covered by Plan b. Specialists who know the local conditions and have a command of the local language take care of your safety.

For trips up to 365 days including the country of residence.

We will advise you, free of charge and without obligation

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