Are you planning a journey? Do you have to travel frequently on business? The situation today proves that big cities and the most attractive holiday destinations from Latin America through Africa to Asia are often accompanied by heightened political risks, kidnappings or simmering conflicts.

Soliswiss membership automatically includes professional cover against acute crises on your travels. All Soliswiss members can now benefit from this service through our cooperation with MS Risk, which are international experts in crisis management. Hidden crises include crimes of violence, disappearances, hijacking of vehicles and aircraft, blackmailing, political threats and terrorist attacks. If any of these cases occurs our members have access to special services and trained specialists take up their case.

The services include coordination of security resources and links with third parties, observation and advice, mobilisation and deployment of response consultants and a 24/7 emergency centre. Costs of emergency evacuation, interpreters or legal and court costs, together with transport and accommodation, are also covered by Plan b. Specialists who know the local conditions and speak the language take care of your security.

Plan b protects you as a Soliswiss member on your travels away from your country of residence. The services described here are valid for trips up to 90 days and are made available in the event of a crisis for 30 days after the crisis begins. If you wish to benefit from this service in your country of residence and for 365 days a year you can opt for an upgrade. At an extra cost of CHF 30 per year the services described above are available to you on a year-round basis and also in your home country. Please apply to Soliswiss for this benefit or pay your Plan b Upgrade for CHF 30 via PayPal or Online-Payment.

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