Online-Membership Application

Your advantages:

  • Protection in crisis situations when traveling for a maximum of 90 days with the Plan b, and the option to upgrade to a year-round protection in your country of residency as well.
  • Possibility to receive a lump sum compensation in case of loss of your economic livelihood due to political reasons, with the option to increase the amount through additional contributions. The decision on the allocation of the lump sum compensation is taken by the Executive Committee at their discretion.
  • Free of charge information and advice for your questions concerning emigration, globe-trotting, or returning home.
  • Access to products and services of Soliswiss and their partners, amongst others in the fields of asset management and insurance.
  • Access to exclusive offers: With Soliswiss you may take out a third party liability insurance as a Swiss national abroad for yourself and your family.«visit@home» protects you when visiting Switzerland.
  • Reduced rates: Soliswiss members have access to psychological support and legal assistance at a reduced rate. As a Soliswiss member you benefit from special conditions when procuring travel insurance.
  • As a member you are entitled to attend the annual general assembly and you can play an active part in shaping the future of the cooperative.

Who is eligible for membership and how much does it cost?
Every Swiss citizen, in Switzerland and abroad, can join Soliswiss. In addition to individual membership, we offer special membership options for couples, families and companies.

Individual Membership

The annual membership for individuals costs CHF 60. You can also opt for a lifelong membership for the amount of CHF 900.

If you so request, we include your children in your membership without additional costs until they come off age.

Couple's Membership

Since 2018, we have been offering a special couple’s rate.The couple’s rate is available for married couples, common-law partners and registered partnerships as well as for same-sex couples and costs 100CHF annually. The life long membership for couples costs CHF 1,500.-. Both partners have to be Swiss citizens.

Do you want to switch from the individual membership to the Couple’s Membership, just let us know.

At your request, we’ll include your children in your membership without additional costs until they come of age.

Company Membership

Are you a Swiss club or an association of Swiss citizens abroad? Or do you manage an organization in the area of development cooperation and/or are your employees working abroad permanently or part of the time?

Give your members and employees a valuable gift and send them abroad with protection. Members and employees of Soliswiss-registered clubs or companies benefit from a membership rate of just CHF 50 instead of CHF 60 per year. As Soliswiss members, your employees will benefit from our Plan b, which offers worldwide crisis protection, as well as from all other benefits included in the Soliswiss membership.

Let us know if you have any questions or wish to request your club or company membership using the contact form.

Rates Number of  Members/Employees Annual Dues for Club/Company Annual Dues for  members/employees
A < 50 300 50
B 51 – 100 500 50
C > 101 800 50

You can cancel your membership with a three-months notice towards every end of the year.
You do not want to become a member? Non-members are also very welcome at Soliswiss.
You want to support us without obligation? We are happy to receive your donation!

Type of membership1/4

According to the regulation, this allows - in case of loss of economical livelihood for political reasons, generally to apply for a lump-sum compensation of CHF 10'000 after a waiting time of 2 years.