Travel insurance, health insurance, liability insurance – what do I need, what applies? The ideal insurance solution for you depends on many factors, including your financial possibilities.

  • Can I keep my insurance policies taken out in Switzerland? If not, how can I find adequate protection abroad?
  • How do I ensure that I am well protected in the event of illness abroad? Is travel health insurance sufficient?
  • Do I still get international health insurance even if I take Disability Insurance?
  • I am going to Spain as a pensioner. I have been told that I have to stay in the Swiss mandatory health insurance system – is that true?
  • I am desperately looking for an international liability insurance – do you know one?
  • I have received an insurance offer and don’t understand it – can you take a look at it?
  • I’m going to a high-risk area. Do you know where I can find an affordable Kidnap & Ransom insurance?
  • Are there any insurance solutions that can get me and my family back to Switzerland in case of an emergency?
  • I am returning to Switzerland. What kind of insurance do I need?

Do you have general questions about insurance or insurance solutions? We will answer them – independently and free of charge for our members. Non-members can book a consultation appointment. A consultation lasts about 30 minutes and costs CHF90. We do not sell insurance.

You want to take out an insurance product? For advice on specific insurance products, we forward your enquiries to our long-standing partner Strategic Alliances AG. Through this partner you have access to a comprehensive range of insurance solutions. At Strategic Alliances, Soliswiss members are VIPs, and they know the needs of emigrants, Swiss citizens abroad and repatriates.

With Strategic Alliances we also developed special exclusive insurance products for Soliswiss members and negotiated benefits tailred to the specific needs of Swiss expatriates.

Int'l Healthcare Insurance

We answer your questions and inform you about general health insurance issues so that you know what to look out for.

Do you wish to take out health insurance? We will put you in touch with our partner. Our partner will help you to find the right offer of international health insurance :

  • suitable solutions for your country
  • Support in choosing the right insurance and insurance solutions for you
  • Counseling service for Swiss returning from abroad

If you are looking for a travel health insurance, learn more under “Travel”. If you are going to study abroad, also see “Student”.


Protect yourself against the most important risks on your journey. This way you will be covered if youunexpectedly fall ill while travelling. Alternatively, you can also include other risks, e.g. cancellation costs, accidental death or disability, luggage, theft, liability. Soliswiss members benefit from special discounts.


Are you a student looking for a health insurance for your time abroad? With Soliswiss Student, we offer you access to a full-fledged and cost-effective health insurance solution.

  • Low priced health insurance
  • Corresponds to the regulations of many universities
  • For all nationalities
  • Worldwide, incl. USA and Canada

Liability Insurance

As a Soliswiss member, you can do something others cannot – take out liability insurance for your time abroad:

  • Liability and accident insurance worldwide for both individuals and families.
  • For members intending to repatriate
  • With a term of up to 5 years
  • Can be cancelled in the event of premature return to Switzerland

Life Insurance

Each phase in life has its ups and downs. Our partners are happy to show you which insurance solutions best fit your current stage of life.

  • Financial protection in case of death, disability or incapacity
  • Saving through insurance

Pension Plan

As a member, you have access to a pension plan in Swiss francs, even if you live abroad: the Soliswiss Group Pension Plan. The Group Pension Plan requires that you remain a Soliswiss member for the entire term.

  • Flexible conditions
  • Choose your own payment schedule and amounts
  • Pension provision in Swiss francs


As a Soliswiss member, you have access to a guest-insurance for a visit/temporary stay in Switzerland:

  • Includes a private liability insurance or private home contents insurance
  • For Swiss abroad with temporary residence (holiday) in Switzerland
  • The insurance is valid exclusively in Switzerland

Plan b Upgrade

As a member you are automatically covered in case of emergencies and crisis situations on your travels all over the world up to 90 days of travelling. If you wish being covered permanently and in your country of residence as well, you can simply upgrade the insurance for only CHF 30.


For our members the advice is free of charge. 

Advice for non-members
As a non-member, we will advise you free of charge regarding our membership. For all other inquiries about emigration, living abroad, globetrotting and return migration, you can make a fee-based appointment by phone, videocall (Zoom, Teams, Skype) on site in Bern or take advantage of a consultation by e-mail.

Of course you can easily become a member for CHF90 per year and benefit from free advice.

Advice for Soliswiss members
Soliswiss membership includes free advice. Contact us as usual via e-mailcontact form, by phone or book your appointment via the booking tool.

Please have a look at our offer to get an idea of what the different topics cover.

Appointment booking/Costs
Usually a consultation takes about 30 minutes and costs CHF90, payable by invoice, online with Paypal or credit card (free of charge for Soliswiss members – voucher code available at the office or choose payment method ‘invoice’).

You have the following options for booking an appointment:

  • Online in our booking tool
  • By e-mail or via telephone +41 31 380 70 30
  • Via contact form below
  • We will also be happy to advise you by e-mail – just ask us your questions.

Please note
In order to clarify your request as precisely as possible, we ask you to enter your questions and personal details (date of birth, domicile, nationality, work/pension status, etc.) directly in the booking form or to send us an e-mail.

Of course, we work with a satisfaction guarantee: if you are not satisfied with our advice or if due to various circumstances a consultation is unnecessary, we will refund you. Online payment options via Paypal or CreditCard.

Our advisors will support you in German, French, English and, by arrangement, Spanish. We look forward to hearing from you!

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