As a globetrotter or emigrant, you are at the right address with our partner AVS allvisumservice, if you are looking for professional services in the field of consular affairs, adapted to your needs. Be it a visa, assistance with the necessary documents for immigration abroad as well as various other services. The AVS team is on site in Kloten, Bern and Geneva and brings years of experience, valuable embassy contacts and a lot of heart and soul.

AVS allvisumservice serves inquiries about all countries.

If you are a Soliswiss member, you will receive the services at a 10% discount. If you would like to benefit from the discount for members, please contact AVS directly via the form.

For more information, please visit http://www.allvisumservice.ch/en/.

Information by phone from Switzerland: 0848 55 00 55 / from abroad: +41 31 372 05 20