Please note that the c/o Soliswiss delivery address service is an exclusive product for our members. You must remain a Soliswiss member during the entire contractual period. You’d like to know more about our conditions? Here you can find our T&Cs and order form: Terms & Conditions (T&Cs).

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We offer the following service packages:

Standard Standard Plus Light Light
Annual cost CHF 600.­— CHF 920.— CHF 360.— CHF 720.—
Sender addresses 5 5 5 5
Number of letters unlimited unlimited unlimited unlimited
Opening, scanning and uploading of letters on a secure data storage platform within three working ways of the letter being received
E-mail notification about new post waiting for you
Up to 1 GB of storage space on the data storage platform free free
Quarterly forwarding of letters (not including the forwarding cost) or storage of letters
Monthly forwarding of letters
E-mail notification about the number of forwarded letters


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