An exciting project enriches our website: with ‘Artist in Residence’, launched by the Area of the Swiss Abroad, a Swiss artist is given the opportunity to stay in Brunnen for a month and work on a piece of art.

The aim is, to create a platform for Swiss artists living abroad in Switzerland, namely at the “Place of the Swiss Abroad” in Brunnen. This place should become a platform where Swiss artists living abroad will be able to connect with Switzerland. The motto will be: “Swiss abroad artists will connect with their country of origin and the Swiss get to know Swiss artists living abroad.”

Dates and conditions:
Period: Vernissage Sat. 13 July 2024 as part of the 100th Congress of the Swiss Abroad 2024 Lucerne
Finissage Sat. 18 August 2024 as part of www.spettacolo-brunnen.ch
Location: Place of the Swiss Abroad, Brunnen at Lake Lucerne, Canton Schwyz

– Accommodation
– Contribution to living costs
– Travel costs

Who can apply:
The call is open for a wide variety of art forms. We strongly encourage young Swiss artists living abroad to apply.
We especially seek applications from Swiss artists living abroad who are using new and modern art forms, including but not restricted to graffiti, hip-hop music and video art. During their one-month stay at Brunnen the artist will, depending on their art from, aim to produce a piece of art. The theme is not prescribed and will be developed in collaboration with the artist. Applicants must be able to communicate in English or in one of the three national languages: German, French or Italian.

It is important for the committee to learn the reasons of why you live in your place of domicile and what is your motivation as a Swiss living abroad to apply for this scholarship.
We also would like you to make a proposal about what art you want to create during your stay as artist in residence in Brunnen.
An aim of your residence will be contact with the interested local population by participation in public events, and for the participants of the Congress of the Swiss Abroad in Lucerne in August 2024.

The call for entries will be open from 19 August to 30 November 2023.
Applications must be submitted in electronic format (PDF file) to the following e-mail address: praesident@auslandschweizerplatz.ch
Notification of decision: December 2023.

Application must include the following:

  • photograph
  • curriculum vitae
  • letter of motivation
  • documentation (in electronic format) of the present artistic work as well as a review of the last three to five years
  • two to three samples of your artistic work, either as web link or audio or video files and media coverage

The expert artistic committee reserves the right to exclude incomplete submissions. The committee’s decision is definite. There will be no correspondence concerning the decision.

The successful applicant commits himself/herself to undertake in time all necessary measures in order to begin their stay in Brunnen by the agreed date.

The applicant understands that he/she will participate in several public events, is open for the contact with an interested public and at the end of their stay, publicly presents the work created during their stay in Brunnen.

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