Club & Company membership (C&C) briefly explained

Who can become a C&C member?

Swiss clubs, Swiss schools, bilateral chambers of commerce, organisations (eg active in the field of development aid) and companies with registered office in Switzerland or with a strong connection to Switzerland can become C&C members. You can submit your application for membership using the online form by e-mail or letter. It must provide all information on the applicant, including the documents necessary to verify their compliance with the membership requirements.

How much does a C&C membership cost?

For only CHF 150 per year, you get access to cost-effective advice and various further services and benefits, both for you as a C&C member as well as, if desired, for your employees or members and their family members (see below).

You can also purchase individual consultancy sessions (1h = CHF 150) or consultancy packages (10h = CHF 1,350) for yourself or for your employees or members, which include the services below:

9 good reasons to become a C&C member

1. Advice Do you have questions about working abroad? We provide information and advice to companies based in Switzerland or with a strong connection with Switzerland on topics such as deployment abroad, contract according to local law, compulsory insurance, continuation of AHV, voluntary AHV, protection of family members (both employed and non-employed), health insurance, sickness and accident allowance, disability and death benefits, old-age provision, liability, duty of care, home office abroad or emergency services.
2. Seminars & Workshops Outreach, information and further training on the topic of ‘working abroad’: we hold customised seminars and workshops on the topic of ‘working abroad’ for you, your HR managers or for your staff, at your premises in Switzerland or online.
3. Coaching Is the topic of ‘working abroad’ new to you? Would you like to provide your employees with information or increase your in-house knowledge on the topic of ‘foreign assignments’?
We support your HR department in developing their own resources and know-how with reference to the topic of ‘working abroad’, to ensure that foreign assignments are prepared and handled independently, efficiently and correctly in the medium term.
4. Evaluation of regulatory risk associated with foreign assignments Thanks to the new partnership between Soliswiss and the start-up Vamoz, at a competitive price you can enter the key data of a planned foreign assignment (destination country, length of assignment, type of activity, etc.) into the Vamoz online platform and obtain a comprehensive overview of the risk associated with such foreign assignment. This allows you to decide on a case-by-case basis whether a foreign assignment to a specific destination country can be approved.
5. Competitive insurance solutions

As a C&C member, you can save money by accessing attractive insurance solutions through Soliswiss’ long-standing partner Saswiss: insurance review, quotes for insurance solutions, such as health insurance solutions for employees, sickness and accident allowance or Kidnapp & Ransom. Optimisation of premiums through negotiation with various insurance partners, competitive group solutions conditions and annual policy review.

The ‘Group Pension Plan Soliswiss’ (GPPs) even enables your Swiss employees to benefit from a pension plan in CHF.

6. Duty of care & Assistance in the event of crises As a C&C member, you can meet your duty of care obligations by offering your employees worldwide crisis protection (Plan b, Plan b Upgrade), psychological support and adequate insurance solutions.
7. Discounted individual membership for your employees and their relatives Thanks to your C&C membership, your Swiss employees can become Soliswiss members at a preferential rate (CHF 75 instead of CHF 90).
8. Advice and services for your employees and their relatives Once your Swiss employees become individual members, they have the same access to Soliswiss advice and services as all other members, including lump sum compensation. Your foreign employees cannot become Soliswiss individual members. However, they can take advantage of most of the services provided by Soliswiss through you as their employer, provided you are a C&C member and book these services in the form of consultancy sessions (1h = CHF 150) or consultancy packages (10h = CHF 1,350) for your employees.
9. An added value for your attractiveness as an employer Thanks to the added value you can offer your employees or members through your C&C membership, you improve your employer branding, as a company or organisation.

What are the rights and obligations of a C&C member?

Rights: C&C members take part in the General Assembly and actively contribute to shape the cooperative.

Obligations: C&C members pay a membership fee and must immediately notify Soliswiss of any changes to their address.

How can I cancel my C&C membership?

The C&C membership is subject to a notice period of 3 months to the end of the year.

What are the effects of terminating a C&C membership on employees benefitting from a discounted individual membership?

Employees are given the option to terminate their individual membership at a reduced rate or to continue their membership at the regular rate of CHF 90 per year (or CHF 150 per year for a couples) in the form of a regular individual or couple membership.

Where can one find further information?

Please don’t hesitate to contact us at info@soliswiss.ch or + 41 31 380 70 30. We will be happy to assist you.


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