Dear member,

With its aid fund, Soliswiss can provide one-off financial support to members in need.

The management has decided that, in view of the special situation, the aid fund may be used to alleviate the effects of the Corona pandemic. The Board of Directors provides a total amount of CHF 50,000 for this purpose. Soliswiss will accept applications with immediate effect. A maximum amount of CHF 2,500 per applicant can be granted. No recurring payments will be awarded.

Applications can be sent to info@soliswiss.ch with the subject “Aid Fund”. The applications may be freely formulated. Soliswiss reserves the right to make enquiries and ask for clarifications.

A jury appointed by the Board of Directors will consider and answer the applications as soon as possible.

The following will be considered:

  • The applicant is in a serious emergency situation caused by the Corona pandemic which she/he cannot otherwise alleviate. All other options (support from family, friends and acquaintances as well as governmental and possibly non-governmental institutions) must have been exhausted. In particular, the applicant’s country of residence has not adopted or planned any significant public financial measures or aid programmes to alleviate the financial impact of the pandemic (as e.g. Switzerland, Germany or the USA have done), or the applicant is demonstrably not entitled to such benefits.
  • The one-off payment is targeted, reasonable and appropriate. It is intended to provide emergency aid in a case of absolute hardship, in particular to enable people to return to their place of residence, to ensure that their absolute basic needs are met or to cover medical costs associated with the pandemic.
  • In deciding whether and how much support is to be provided, the following factors, among others, may be taken into account in a favourable way:
    • the emergency situation is existential and not the result of one’s own fault
    • there are children or helpless persons involved
    • chances are high that the Soliswiss contribution significantly reduces hardship or even directly helps to overcome it
    • the person lives in a risk country (see Soliswiss Risk Index)
    • the duration of Soliswiss membership

We kindly ask you to indicate in the application how the amount can be transferred, so that it reaches the applicant if the application is accepted.
Soliswiss reserves the right to decide whether and how much will be awarded. The jury will decide on a case-by-case basis. There is no possibility of appeal. Legal recourse is excluded.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions!