Money Matters: Having a Bank Account in Switzerland as a Swiss Abroad?

Worldwide, 16/05/2023

Photo by micheile henderson on Unsplash   Even after moving abroad, many Swiss people still need to maintain a bank account in Switzerland. However, not all banks offer solutions for the Swiss abroad – and even where they do, it is often associated with high fees. This is why it is essential to be well […] ...

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Emigrating to Australia

Australia, 04/05/2023

Different countries, different customs – What you should know before you emigrate to Australia It is a big step to emigrate, no matter whether Australia or another place is supposed to become   your new home. Emigrants have to put down fresh roots in their new home country. Diligent preparation and in-depth knowledge of the country’s […] ...

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Dying abroad

Worldwide, 29/08/2022

Every death is a challenge for the relatives, but if the death occurs abroad, there are additional challenges. Many questions arise: How can I make provisions in advance, what do my relatives have to consider, who will help in the event of death abroad? By making prudent provisions for your own death, you can relieve […] ...

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Working abroad

Switzerland, 29/11/2021

Working abroad is always an exciting challenge, whether you are being sent by a Swiss employer, are looking to be hired in your new country of residence, are looking to start your own business abroad, or are looking to do a work assignment with an international organization. If you are planning to join a multilateral […] ...

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(Deutsch) Abmelden, Teil 3: ab wann ist eine Abmeldung nötig oder möglich?

Switzerland, 12/10/2021

Sorry, this entry is only available in German. ...

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