Assistance on the Way to an Education or Training in Switzerland

Worldwide, 12/09/2023

Young Swiss abroad receive personal counselling on the topic of education in Switzerland. Every year, the staff of educationsuisse receives numerous inquiries from Swiss citizens abroad or from their relatives and friends in Switzerland. Most questions concern scholarship opportunities and university studies. However, educationsuisse also receives a wide variety of questions about vocational training, finding […] ...

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How to Retire in Portugal with lower taxes as a Swiss Retiree

Portugal, 28/08/2023

Unpacking the Non-Habitual Resident (NHR) Program & Portugal’s Retirement Perks Switzerland has given us the exquisiteness of luxury watches, creamy chocolates, and divine cheeses, but for Swiss retirees, Portugal may offer something equally appealing – a slice of paradise that promises a financially savvy retirement. Here’s what you need to know to retire in Portugal […] ...

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Safety on a family trip around the world: 3 considerations for parents

Worldwide, 04/04/2022

Appreciated guest article from the Joseph family, Soliswiss members. Reading time: 5 minutes *** 1. Identify your fears and real dangers 2. Preparing for long distance travel with children 3. Trust yourself, your best travel insurance Many parents dream of discovering the world with their children. Imagine: the biology class observing the big animals in […] ...

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(Deutsch) Schweizer Literatur aus dem Ausland

Worldwide, 18/05/2021

Sorry, this entry is only available in German and French. ...

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Krankenversicherung und AHV: welche Gedanken zur Absicherung Sie sich vor einer Auswanderung machen sollten

Worldwide, 13/04/2021

Unsere Soliswiss-Mitglieder und -Kunden profitieren vom hohen Qualitätsstandard sowie individuell abgestimmten Dienstleistungen und der engen Partnerschaft zwischen Soliswiss und Strategic Alliances. Einige Tipps, welche Gedanken sie sich bereits vor Ihrer Auswanderung machen können, vom Strategic Alliances-Team in Zürich. Ausgangslage in der Schweiz In der Schweiz sind die finanziellen Grundrisiken durch den Staat bereits abgesichert. Sei […] ...

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