Pursuing Happiness as a Family Abroad: The Didones in Crete

Greece, 11/04/2019

It might as well be a picture taken right from a corny holiday catalogue: a few lonely, white buildings shimmer in the Greek midday sun amidst lush, green olive trees, while the majestic hills of Crete dominate the surroundings. Looking north, one is delighted with the sight of the deep blue Mediterranean. Indeed, Claudia and […] ...

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From Dream Farm in Switzerland to Dream Resort in Indonesia

Indonesia, 28/11/2018

Swiss Success Stories – Episode I: Maya Hadorn                       A long, long time ago, there was a remote island called Pulau Pef, a small piece of land ruled by a benign Raja (king). Under his rule, the island dwellers enjoyed an untroubled life in peace […] ...

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