We have just been able to introduce you to new partnerships with Swiss banks.

At Soliswiss, we have noticed that in recent months various other Swiss banks are closing longstanding account relationships of Swiss nationals abroad.
The people concerned are mostly of retirement age, many even over 75, and their AHV payments are processed through these account relationships. The banks usually set very short deadlines to close the relationships, without taking into account that

  • the responsible AHV compensation office reacts relatively slowly to new payment instructions
  • a new account relationship in Switzerland can practically only be opened with personal presence in Switzerland
  • AHV payments to certain countries are very complicated or even practically impossible (volatile exchange rates, fragile local banking system, complex regulations) or very expensive.

Soliswiss fully understands that for banks such client relationships may not be very profitable, or that banking relationships with clients in certain countries may be very complex from a regulatory point of view.

Nevertheless, we appeal to Swiss banks to close account relationships of Swiss nationals abroad only in cases that are really urgent from a regulatory point of view and with longer notice periods (in consultation with the clients).

We are therefore all the more pleased that there are also banks that maintain or strengthen the offer for Swiss citizens abroad – we have also reported on this. In case of a planned emigration we recommend to pay special attention to the finances – besides all other topics, which concern for example the social insurances. There are affordable, solid and good financial solutions, but they require a personal appearance in Switzerland.

Therefore, a good preparation and planning is indispensable.
We are happy to support future emigrants in this process.


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