A plantation owner and one of his employees disappeared while inspecting cropland.  It was soon determined that the plantation owner had been kidnapped.  It was unclear if the missing employee was a victim or had assisted the kidnappers in setting up his boss.  After a short and sharp negotiation, a cartel released both on day three of the crisis.  MS Risk had made contingencies for two victims and when they were recovered, it was clear that the employee had been abused as a warning to his boss at the start of the crisis as to what would happen to him if his family played tricks.  The speed of the negotiation ensured both captives were released before the abuse escalated.  Medical treatment, trauma counselling and debriefing followed and the employee made a full recovery.

Plantation owner in Mexico - we offer the following services

  • Plan b – Upgrade

As a member you are automatically covered in case of emergencies and crisis situations on your travels all over the world up to 90 days of travelling. If you wish being covered permanently and in your country of residence as well, you can simply upgrade the insurance for only CHF 30.

  • For trips up to 365 days including the country of residence
  • coordination of safety resources
  • 24/7 emergency call centre

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