Dear members

It is time again, the invoice for the year 2021 has been sent. Many thanks for your contribution and for your solidarity. It is always a special moment when we check the addresses and invoices and follow the various stories of our members in our thoughts.

Allow us a few personal words. The mails and envelopes which were sent to Vienna have been filled with especially good wishes these days. Almost every address, every domicile, every member has a story. Among our cooperative members there are particularly courageous people: Women who, at over 80 years of age, set out on their own to emigrate, members who have been hit hard by the Corona crisis and are holding out with existential fears, globetrotters who have had to change their travel plans because of Corona and are waiting at home in temporary accommodation on packed suitcases for the start of their journey, or are blocked abroad. All those who have only just made a living; have put a lot of heart, money and energy into a company, hotel or project and now face an uncertain future.

We, the whole team, admire your plans. An emigration always involves risks, is a very individual matter and often a pioneering achievement. We are always happy to receive pictures and reports from you, rest assured that we care about every member and that we will do our best to help you as much as we can.

To all our members and to all friends of Soliswiss, please feel that we are thinking of you and we are here for you. Please contact us if we can support you in any way. We wish you much perseverance in these special times.

Best regards