A look back at the AGM 2018


As per tradition, this year’s general meeting was planned to take place near the Congress of the Swiss Abroad, as stipulated by the bylaws. The congress was in Visp this year, so we decided to invite our guests up into the mountains. Namely, to the highest vineyard in Europe, in Visperterminen to the distinguished St. […]  read more

Coaching Sessions online


Support in individual coaching sessions online, or face to face in Switzerland or Abroad – Support via E-mail, Telephone, WhatsApp, or Skype. Starting immediately, we’re offering you access to intercultural and psychological consultation services. Our advisors also have many years of experience abroad, and in interacting with people from different cultures and with different values. […]  read more

Helpful Links


You will find many helpful links about emigration and remigration here.  read more

A look back on “The Nepalese adventure” and the Soliswiss General Meeting 2017


Like every year, there was wide-spread anticipation and a certain nervousness before the General Meeting; for us employees, the new fiscal year begins after the meeting, and not with the start of the new calendar year. And so, we arrived on Friday afternoon at the charming Teufelhof in Basel. Here we were able to reserve […]  read more

Soliswiss is closed on August 18th afternoon


This afternoon Soliswiss offices are closed as we are at our annual general meeting in Basel. We shall be back in the office on Monday 21st August 2017. We will answer your messages on our return.  read more

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