Solicast, der neue Podcast – Folge 1: Ausgewandert nach Indien


Auslandschweizerinnen und Auslandschweizer erzählen ihre Geschichten – persönlich, ungekürzt, authentisch. In der ersten Folge des neuen Podcasts von Soliswiss erzählt Andrea Rubin über ihre Auswanderung nach Indien, ihr Hilfsprojekt “Hope is Life” und die aktuelle Lage mit Corona. Mehr bei uns im Blog.  read more

Corona Crisis: this Financial Aid is Available for Swiss Abroad


The corona pandemic has serious consequences worldwide: overloaded health care systems, closed-down stores, rising unemployment. Many Swiss abroad and Swiss returnees are affected, too. But help is available – at least for emergencies. We show you, what kind of aid is available.  read more

Pandemic consequences and lump sum compensation


Dear members, It is the first time since the founding of Soliswiss in 1958 that we are confronted with a global crisis that is likely to affect many, if not all, of our members directly or indirectly. Thus, we would like to recall the conditions for applying for a lump-sum compensation. Lump-sum compensations are possible […]  read more

Recommendations/Information for Swiss citizens abroad


The situation regarding the corona crisis is constantly changing. We recommend that all Swiss citizens living or traveling abroad install the FDFA’s Travel Admin App. We also recommend that you obtain information exclusively through official channels (Consulate/FDFA, FOPH, WHO). For on overview of useful links, see “Downloads and Important Links”. Since every stay abroad is [&hel  read more

And all of a sudden, our reality is different


These past few days and hours, many members and also some non-members have contacted us, by email and by phone. Many experiences, worries and accounts of hardships are reaching us: There are the globetrotters who are stranded somewhere because neighboring countries have closed their borders. A member trying to catch a flight to Switzerland. A […]  read more

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