Revision of the statutes – we’d really value your input


We last revised the cooperative’s statutes in autumn 2015. Considerable time has passed and the Council and office propose the following important changes: Amendment 1 The language of the ‘purpose’ article has been revised and the content amended slightly. The original purpose, that cooperative members provide mutual support in emergencies (lump sum compensation and aid […]  read more

(Deutsch) Podcast: Auswandern mit Familie – was gilt es alles zu beachten


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(Deutsch) Schweizer Literatur aus dem Ausland


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Soliswiss at the 2021 OSA meeting: Organization of the Swiss Abroad Germany


Also in 2021 we were allowed to participate in the ASO meeting 2021 of the Organisation of the Swiss Abroad Germany. The annual meeting and election of the Councils of the Swiss Abroad took place digitally. Many thanks to the entire organization for the smooth implementation. For us, it is an exciting and enriching conference […]  read more

(Deutsch) Wer kann sich impfen lassen?


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