Also in 2021 we were allowed to participate in the ASO meeting 2021 of the Organisation of the Swiss Abroad Germany. The annual meeting and election of the Councils of the Swiss Abroad took place digitally. Many thanks to the entire organization for the smooth implementation. For us, it is an exciting and enriching conference to learn about the needs and sensitivities of the Swiss abroad in Germany and to cultivate mutual exchange. We are confident that we will be able to participate on site again in 2022. We recommend all our members to visit the website of the Organisation of the Swiss Abroad Germany – here you will find information worth knowing about relevant topics for emigrants, a clear listing of all Swiss clubs and associations in Germany as well as all regional editions of the Swiss Review.

Start the Ascension week healthy and well & with a warm greeting around the globe, your Soliswiss


Photo by Chris Montgomery on Unsplash