Returning to Switzerland for education – things to bear in mind

Switzerland, 11/06/2024

Switzerland is known for its good education system. This also attracts young Swiss abroad to Switzerland time and again to complete part or all of their education in their home country and then perhaps to take the plunge and move to Switzerland completely. What kind of education? A university degree programme is not the only […] ...

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Emigrating to Australia

Australia, 04/05/2023

Different countries, different customs – What you should know before you emigrate to Australia It is a big step to emigrate, no matter whether Australia or another place is supposed to become   your new home. Emigrants have to put down fresh roots in their new home country. Diligent preparation and in-depth knowledge of the country’s […] ...

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Working abroad

Switzerland, 29/11/2021

Working abroad is always an exciting challenge, whether you are being sent by a Swiss employer, are looking to be hired in your new country of residence, are looking to start your own business abroad, or are looking to do a work assignment with an international organization. If you are planning to join a multilateral […] ...

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Auswandern: Fünf Irrtümer bezüglich Vorsorge und Steuern

Switzerland, 21/09/2021

1. Wenn ich den Mindestbeitrag bei der AHV einbezahlt habe, dann habe ich keine AHV-Lücke. Sollte doch einmal eine AHV Lücke entstehen, dann kann ich für bis zu fünf Jahre nachzahlen. Leider stimmt dies nicht ganz so. Um eine AHV Lücke zu vermeiden, ist nicht nur ausschlaggebend, wieviel man in einem Kalenderjahr eingezahlt hat, sondern […] ...

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Globetrotting – Interesting Facts for Globetrotters

Worldwide, 07/06/2021

If you want to make a trip around the world, it is not easy to get reliable information. Some of the most important questions, answered very briefly: Deregistration Most municipalities require you to deregister if you are traveling abroad for more than a year. Municipalities are required to note the country of destination when deregistering. […] ...

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