Work abroad

Switzerland, 29/11/2021

If you are planning to join a multilateral organization, already work there or want to leave the organization, it is important to assess your own situation regarding social security. For this purpose, we recommend two documents for reading (in English), which can be obtained free of charge from our website: Social Security Considerations for Multilateral […] ...

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International health insurance – what to look out for?

Worldwide, 20/07/2021

If you emigrate, you are generally no longer liable to compulsory insurance in Switzerland. In that case, international health insurance can be a good solution. Read here when international insurance makes sense and what you need to bear in mind.   Who needs international health insurance? If you have an accident or become seriously ill […] ...

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(Deutsch) Wenn für den Ruhestand das Ausland lockt: Die Sache mit den Steuern

Worldwide, 28/08/2020

Sorry, this entry is only available in German. ...

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