Safety on a family trip around the world: 3 considerations for parents

Worldwide, 04/04/2022

Appreciated guest article from the Joseph family, Soliswiss members. Reading time: 5 minutes *** 1. Identify your fears and real dangers 2. Preparing for long distance travel with children 3. Trust yourself, your best travel insurance Many parents dream of discovering the world with their children. Imagine: the biology class observing the big animals in […] ...

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Globetrotting – Interesting Facts for Globetrotters

Worldwide, 07/06/2021

If you want to make a trip around the world, it is not easy to get reliable information. Some of the most important questions, answered very briefly: Deregistration Most municipalities require you to deregister if you are traveling abroad for more than a year. Municipalities are required to note the country of destination when deregistering. […] ...

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