Dying abroad

Worldwide, 29/08/2022

Every death is a challenge for the relatives, but if the death occurs abroad, there are additional challenges. Many questions arise: How can I make provisions in advance, what do my relatives have to consider, who will help in the event of death abroad? By making prudent provisions for your own death, you can relieve […] ...

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Tariff change 2023

Switzerland, 28/06/2022

At the upcoming AGM we will propose a fee increase. In 2010, the membership fees were increased for the last time. In 2016, we unified the tariff structure, which resulted in a decrease for many members. Since then, fees have remained unchanged at CHF60 per year for individual membership. Now an increase of membership fees […] ...

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Safety on a family trip around the world: 3 considerations for parents

Worldwide, 04/04/2022

Appreciated guest article from the Joseph family, Soliswiss members. Reading time: 5 minutes *** 1. Identify your fears and real dangers 2. Preparing for long distance travel with children 3. Trust yourself, your best travel insurance Many parents dream of discovering the world with their children. Imagine: the biology class observing the big animals in […] ...

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Unbureaucratic support through the Soliswiss aid fund

Worldwide, 21/02/2022

The Soliswiss Cooperative aims to support Swiss nationals, in particular to mitigate financial risks arising from traveling long distances, emigrating, living abroad or returning to Switzerland. We always strive to empower Swiss citizens living abroad and to assist them with advice, services and products to allow for the best possible coverage. Since not all risks […] ...

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Corona-Impfung für Auslandschweizerinnen und Auslandschweizer – manche dürfen

Switzerland, 04/05/2021

Impfen für Auslandschweizerinnen und -schweizer – wer darf laut BAG? Das BAG informiert auf seiner Webseite folgendermassen: «Schweizer Staatsangehörige im Ausland, die in der Schweiz eine obligatorische Krankenversicherung (Grundversicherung) abgeschlossen haben, können sich grundsätzlich gemäss Impfempfehlungen in der Schweiz impfen lassen. Die Umsetzung der Impfung ist kantonal geregelt. Informationen ob und wie Sie sich zur […] ...

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