Soliswiss aims to secure the livelihood of Swiss nationals, both women and men, living abroad. As a Swiss national living abroad, you can join the cooperative. Access is open to all Swiss citizens and is an advantage also for Swiss citizens living in Switzerland. Membership is governed by the statutes.

We offer advice and arrange healthcare insurance, life and pension insurance, civil liability insurance as well as asset management. We provide the services independently, neutrally and free of charge. Our costs as advisers are paid by the insurance companies at the standard market brokerage rates and are free of charge for the Client. Our aim is to provide new and straightforward solutions for Swiss persons abroad.

Soliswiss offers a piece of homeland to you wherever you are.

Cooperative Council and Executive Committee

Dr. Nicole Töpperwien CEO

Anna Maria Bütikofer Member Services

Beat Wildbolz Consultant

Gloria Pozzi Consultant

Lara Frasconi Consultant

Doris Ingold Consultant

Matthew Werthmüller Consultant

Michael Szedalik Consultant

Steven Sohn Riskanalyst

Nadja Steiner Consultant

Christine Ammann Member Services

Yezire Anaya Consultant

Eveline Zurwerra eMarketing