Since its foundation in 1958, Soliswiss has focused on the Swiss abroad. Today, Soliswiss has about 4’500 members in 150 countries. Membership of Soliswiss is open to all Swiss citizens at home and abroad. Membership is governed by the statutes.

We at Soliswiss are committed to solidarity and give concrete support to our members. We offer professional advice on emigration, globetrotting, travelling as well as returning. We provide access to a wide range of products and services tailored to the needs of our members. Soliswiss members benefit from exclusive products and discounts. We are constantly striving to offer new and simple solutions for Swiss abroad, emigrants, globetrotters and travellers. We are your piece of Switzerland abroad.

Soliswiss Council
The Council is the management and supervisory organ of Soliswiss, akin to a Board of Directors. It consists of the President and at least four other members. The Council elects the President, appoints members of the management team and issues regulations, in particular the organisational regulations. The Council also assumes the tasks that the statutes confer to the Executive Committee. The Executive Committee conducts the day-to-day business of the Council and monitors the work performed. The Executive Committee also takes decisions regarding the admission and disqualification of members. It handles applications for changes in insurance coverage (lump sum compensation), as well as compensation and allocation of benefits from the Auxiliary Relief Fund.

Chairman: Brunschwiler Bernardo P., CH

Members: Kuentz, Nicole Pascale, CH (Vice-President), Buol, Regina, CH, Eckert, Stephan, CH, Heller, Daniel, CH, Schoppig, Fernand, USA, Ziegler, Thomas, CH

Dr. Nicole Töpperwien CEO

Isabelle Baur Consultant

Matthew Werthmüller Consultant

Patrick Dubach Consultant

Michael Koesters Marketing & Communication