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    Solidarity for our fellow citizens abroad

    Soliswiss is a self-help organization set up as a cooperative. It helps their members in acute crisis situations worldwide with their plan b and supports them in case of financial risks or a loss of livelihood due to political reasons.

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    Advice in several languages, totally free of charge and without obligation

    We advise you in German, French, Italian, English and Spanish. Contact us totally free of charge and without obligation. Your language, your person and your requests are important to us.

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    Help in crisis situations

    As a Soliswiss member, you benefit from Plan b on a journey of up to 90 days. This is a service which assists you in a crisis situation (blackmail, kidnapping, political threats and so on). You may upgrade to enjoy year-round benefit from this service in your country of residence too. For 30 CHF per year only, these services are at your disposal all year round and in your country of residence.

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    Lump sum compensation if you lose your livelihood

    Soliswiss members who lose their livelihood abroad due to political reasons may apply for lump sum compensation. The basic cover of 10,000 CHF will be paid out in a crisis situation to safeguard your livelihood. Become a member, the membership-fee for one year/person is CHF 60.

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    Assessments on political risks and country information in the Forum

    The Soliswiss Forum provides assessments about political developments and a risk calculation for every single country. You can also share your own experiences, ask questions to Swiss abroad or get in contact with Swiss clubs abroad.

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    Exclusive third party liability and accident insurance

    With Soliswiss you may take out a third party liability insurance as a Swiss national abroad for yourself and your Family.

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    Flexible retirement and international health insurance

    Soliswiss gives you the unique opportunity to open an account for a group pension solution. You can make payments into the scheme at your own discretion (minimum CHF 4000 per year) and so save for your retirement. We also help you to find the best offer of international health insurance.

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    Asset management in Switzerland

    We offer asset management in Swiss Francs for Swiss nationals abroad.

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    Travel insurance discount

    Wherever you happen to be in the world, you are protected against all the risks that travel brings with it. As a member, you qualify for a 10% discount.

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    Support in case you return to or visit Switzerland

    We provide competent, neutral and free of charge advisory service for people who return to Switzerland and are in need of new insurance solutions. Also, if you are only in Switzerland for a limited time, we can help you with our “visit@home” offer.