These past few days and hours, many members and also some non-members have contacted us, by email and by phone. Many experiences, worries and accounts of hardships are reaching us:

  • There are the globetrotters who are stranded somewhere because neighboring countries have closed their borders.
  • A member trying to catch a flight to Switzerland.
  • A family who wants to return to the USA after their visit home to Switzerland.
  • There are the parents who wonder if they should let their daughter come back from her six-month student exchange.
  • A professional faced with having to cope with the corona crisis in a country with a poor health system. the employee who is not sure whether to stay in his country of residence, at the risk of not being able to visit his parents for a long time.
  • The hotel manager accused of having negligently contributed to the spread of the corona virus.
  • There is the entrepreneurial couple, who can already foresee that they will have to close down the business they have just opened.
  • The consultant who has run out of mandates.
  • The employee at a holiday resort who was released from work without continued pay.
  • The member who wishes to know whether repatriation insurance also provides for repatriation in the event of COVID-19.
  • There is the family who has already quit their jobs because they wanted to go on a world trip.
  • The retired couple who have just dared to move to Northern Italy.
  • There is the worry that the loved ones at home get sick and one is not able to go and be with them, or the fear of getting sick far away from home oneself.

Our thoughts go out to all of you. The Corona crisis may increase geographical distances but brings us closer in our heart. We send you and your loved ones a virtual hug.

Stay in touch! Do not hesitate to send us an email or call us. We are there for you.

On our website, you will also find links to official information on the Corona crisis.

Stay healthy!

Your Soliswiss Team