The webinar will be held on 13 June at 12:00 in German and at 14:00 in French and will last 90 minutes. Participation is free of charge.

Estate planning is already demanding without a cross-border component. If the domicile is abroad, then the complexity increases. The webinar is intended to give Swiss nationals who have emigrated or are planning to emigrate an overview of the relevant topics and issues and to support them in tackling estate planning responsibly and at an early stage.


The webinar will provide you with information on the most important topics and experts will be on hand to answer your questions: Which inheritance law applies, which authorities are responsible and what does the inheritance procedure look like, what should be considered in the form of e.g. the will, to what extent can you choose Swiss inheritance law and the responsibility of Swiss authorities in the will, what innovations are there in Swiss inheritance law and what influence does this have on the structuring options, what should be considered in terms of banking, what happens in the event of death with vested benefits or AHV, what is the basic situation with inheritance taxes, where can you obtain further information?


  • Representative of the consular directorate
  • Swiss representations abroad (Germany, France, Thailand)
  • Specialist(s) from Soliswiss
  • Swiss notary public
  • Representative of a bank
  • Representative of the Organisation of the Swiss Abroad


Participation (No registration required):

You can join the webinar via this link:


Photo by Juliana Kozoski on Unsplash