Soliswiss-Webinar vom 23.11.2021

(Deutsch) Unser Webinar zum Thema "Gut geschützt unterwegs: Krankenversicherung für Auswanderer oder Reisende" ist kostenlos, nicht produktgebunden und die Anzahl Teilnehmer ist beschränkt.

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    Check Lists

    The key to a successful emigration and repatriation is good preparation. With everything that needs to be considered, one's head quickly buzzes. But that doesn't have to be the case, with our checklists you keep the overview.

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      Do you have questions about emigration, globe-trotting, traveling  or returning to Switzerland? We are looking forward to inform and advise you.

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        It is our objective to live solidarity and to be there for the Swiss around the world. We are "Your Switzerland Abroad".

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          Visa Service

          As a globetrotter or emigrant, you are at the right address with AVS allvisumservice, if you are looking for professional services in the field of consular affairs, adapted to your needs. Soliswiss members benefit from a 10% discount.

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            Travel insurance, health insurance, liability insurance: what do I need, what applies? The ideal insurance solution for you depends on many factors, including your financial possibilities.

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              Finance & Pension

              Are you confronted with challenges concerning finances or your financial retirement planning?

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                Legal Advice

                Do you have any questions about the legal situation or taxes in connection with emigration, travel, globetrotting or returning to Switzerland?

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                  Life Coaching

                  Accompaniment and support for personal questions. We offer our members the opportunity to receive advice via Internet on topics such as intercultural difficulties, life issues or decisions.

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                    In Case of a Crisis

                    Planning helps, but still sometimes the unexpected happens. It is part of good planning, to prepare if things do not go according to plan.

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                      Delivery address in Switzerland

                      As a member, you can have personal letters from Swiss senders delivered to Soliswiss with a c/o address. We will accept your letters and, depending on the service package you select, send them to you in the form of a scan and/or via letter forwarding.

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                        Certified translations

                        Certified translations are translations that are additionally certified or notarised in order to be categorised as such. This certification is issued in Switzerland by a notary together with a certified and accredited translation agency.

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                          Special offers for our members

                          In addition to flat-rate compensation and Plan B, we offer our members access to other exclusive products and Discounts.

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                            Soliswiss Membership

                            It is our objective to live solidarity and to be there for the Swiss around the world. We are "Your Switzerland Abroad".With your membership, you'll support the mission of Soliswiss and show solidarity with Swiss citizens living abroad. You'll also benefit from professional support: We assist our members in critical crisis situations worldwide with our "Plan b" package and can provide members with a lump sum compensation of up to CHF 10’000 in case you lose your economic livelihood due to political reasons. You'll also get access to information and professional advice as well as to a variety of products and services, specifically tailored to your needs.

                              Why should you become a member?

                              Exclusively for our members

                              Lump sum compensation

                              You've decided to live abroad. Hence there are good reasons why you should join Soliswiss. All kinds of dangers and unsafe regions of the world exist and security conditions can change overnight. The risk of losing your livelihood due to political causes such as war, internal unrest, terrorism, expropriation or expulsion should not be underestimated, especially in this day and age.

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                              Plan b

                              As a member you are automatically covered in case of emergencies and crisis situations on your travels all over the world up to 90 days of travelling. If you wish being covered permanently and in your country of residence as well, you can simply upgrade for only CHF 30.

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