Emigration Checklist

The key to successful emigration is careful preparation. Thinking about everything that needs to be done can make your head spin. But that doesn’t have to be the case. With our Checklist for Emigrants, you can have a handle on the situation.

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    Individual Coaching Sessions online

    Support in individual coaching sessions online, or face to face in Switzerland or Abroad – Support via E-mail, Telephone, WhatsApp, or Skype. Starting immediately, we’re offering you access to intercultural and psychological consultation services. Our advisors also have many years of experience abroad, and in interacting with people from different cultures and with different values. They can help you in a straightforward way, no matter where you are.

    • Find solutions for unexpected problems, reducing anxiety, uneasiness, and stress
    • Clear communication with the new culture, with the partner or family members who came along, and with those back home
    • Immersing yourself in the new culture, coming to terms with everyday life

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    Soliswiss Health

    We help you find the right offers from international healthcare insurers free of charge and without obligation.

    • Suitable solutions for each country
    • Assistance in choosing the right insurance
    • Advice also when you return from abroad

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    As a Soliswiss member, you always enjoy maximum cover wherever you happen to be: low cost civil liability and accident insurance worldwide for individuals and families.

    • For members with return-intention
    • Available with a term of 3-5 years
    • Consultancy free of charge

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    Soliswiss Life

    Each phase in life has its ups and downs. We would be happy to show you which particular insurance solutions are best for your time of life.

    • Financial protection in case of death, disability or incapacity
    • Secure savings through insurance
    • Cost-free advice

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    Soliswiss Benefits/Pension

    We are now able to offer you a retirement savings plan with a Swiss company while you are abroad. Soliswiss membership is a condition for opening an account with the group pension plan.

    • Retirement Savings Plan
    • Choose your own payment schedule and amounts

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    Soliswiss Legal

    Non-binding and free legal advice for our members. Do you have questions concerning taxes or legal situations? Our experts will make a preliminary assessment, provide an initial evaluation and explain if and when further action should be taken in order to solve your case.

    • You will receive a free, non-binding evaluation

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    Soliswiss Hypo

    Has your bank cancelled or refused to renew your mortgage because you are resident abroad, or perhaps they did not even offer you help to finance your property? We can help you.

    • Property financing in Switzerland
    • Feasibility can be proven without any problems
    • Concentration of assets by the financial services company, with the option of having the assets managed by Soliswiss
    • No minimum deposit amount for opening an account

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    Soliswiss Finance

    Have you already made a home abroad or would you like to shift your life’s focus to a foreign country? We’ll help you protect and increase your portfolio. We’ll gladly offer you access to a Swiss bank so you can position your assets cost-effectively.

    • Solutions for wealth management in Swiss francs
    • Access to profitable investment solutions
    • Capital will be carefully invested according to your needs

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    Plan b – Upgrade

    As a member you are automatically covered in case of emergencies and crisis situations on your travels all over the world up to 90 days of travelling. If you wish being covered permanently and in your country of residence as well, you can simply upgrade the insurance for only CHF 30.

    • For trips up to 365 days including the country of residence
    • coordination of safety resources
    • 24/7 emergency call centre

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    Soliswiss Student

    Are you a student looking for a health insurance for your time abroad? With Soliswiss Student, we offer you access to a full-fledged and cost-effective health insurance solution.

    • Low priced health insurance
    • Corresponds to the regulations of many universities
    • For all nationalities
    • Worldwide, incl. USA and Canada

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    Soliswiss couple’s membership

    In 2018, we’re introducing the new couple’s rate. This lets you insure you, your partner and your children (underage) for a total membership fee of CHF 100. Both partners can apply for lump sum compensation of CHF 10,000 each in an emergency situation as well as request CHF 10,000 in compensation.

    • Reduced membership rates
    • Plan b basic included
    • Consistent compensation sums

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    Soliswiss Travel

    Wherever you happen to be in the world, you are protected against all the risks that travel brings with it. This means for you:

    • Suitable solutions for each country
    • Assistance in choosing the right insurance
    • Advice when you return from abroad

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    Club and Company Membership

    You now have the opportunity to gain access to reduced Soliswiss memberships for you and/or your employees. With our new Club & Company rates your members or employees can enjoy numerous advantages in addition to our unique Plan b protection package, which is a part of the membership. Guaranteed to be an added value for companies and institutions that have employees stationed abroad often in high-risk countries.

    • Reduced membership rates
    • Includes Plan b basic package, crisis protection for 90 days a year
    • Access to liability insurance, etc.
    • Free consultation

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    As a Soliswiss member, you have access to a guest-insurance for a visit/temporary stay in Switzerland:

    • Incl. a private liability insurance or private home contents insurance
    • For Swiss abroad with temporary residence (holiday) in Switzerland
    • The insurance is valid exclusively in Switzerland

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    Competent advice for Swiss citizens returning home, free of charge and without obligation. We offer new insurance solutions, as well as adaptation and reactivation of existing insurance policies.

    • Home content and private liability insurance
    • Health insurance
    • Car insurance
    • ...

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    Receive a discount from STA Travel in Zurich as a Soliswiss member...

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      Soliswiss Membership

      With your annual subscription of 60 CHF, you can become a Soliswiss member and, thereby, become eligible to receive support in a crisis situation and be considered for a lump sum compensation of 10’000 CHF if you lose your economic livelihood for political reasons. You also get access to further advantages.

      • Solutions to manage your savings in Swiss francs
      • Insurance solutions for Swiss abroad
      • Pension solutions for Swiss abroad

      Why should you become a member?

      Exclusively for our members

      Lump sum compensation

      You've decided to live abroad. Hence there are good reasons why you should join Soliswiss. All kinds of dangers and unsafe regions of the world exist and security conditions can change overnight. The risk of losing your livelihood due to political causes such as war, internal unrest, terrorism, expropriation or expulsion should not be underestimated, especially in this day and age.

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      Plan b

      As a member you are automatically covered in case of emergencies and crisis situations on your travels all over the world up to 90 days of travelling. If you wish being covered permanently and in your country of residence as well, you can simply upgrade for only CHF 30.

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