The decision to return to Switzerland raises several questions. Changes are inevitable in this time. We have created a checklist to help you return home, step by step.

Six months before the return:

Where do you want to settle, live and work in Switzerland? The language, living and working region influences the possibilities and costs. Do you have family members or friends in Switzerland who can help you with the planning and actively support the implementation so you can feel “at home” again as quickly as possible?
Prepare a budget for the costs of returning: flights, freight container, transport, etc. as well as rental bonds in Switzerland after signing the rental agreement for an apartment.
Prepare a budget for the costs arising after the return to Switzerland. Fixed costs such as rent, insurance, car, taxes, household costs, etc. http://www.budgetberatung.ch/Online-Budget-Allgemein.80.0.html
What job are you looking for?

Review your application documents. Review how people currently apply for jobs in Switzerland:

Do you have available all qualifications awarded abroad? The following links provide information about the recognition of these:

Do you want to study in Switzerland?

Complete all medical check ups such as dentist, GP/vaccinations. Request a copy of your medical files. If you must take certain medications regularly, clarify whether these are also available in Switzerland or if there are alternatives.
Check whether your pets need vaccinations or health certificates. Dogs must be chipped before the rabies vaccination. Find out about possible quarantine regulations and import conditions: https://www.ch.ch/en/importing-animals-plants/
Check whether you have all your documents such as marriage certificate, birth certificate or family book.
If your partner is not a citizen of the EU, Iceland, Norway, Liechtenstein or Switzerland, you can find answers for all queries regarding visa and entry into Switzerland: https://www.sem.admin.ch/sem/en/home/themen/einreise/faq.html
Inform yourself about notification periods and cancel everything as required.

    • Employment
    • Apartment/house
    • Electricity/gas
    • TV connection
    • Telephone/mobile phone
    • Health insurance
    • Insurance
    • Subscriptions/memberships
    • Taxes
    • Bank accounts – clarify transfers of money to Swiss accounts
Inform yourself about the current situation in Switzerland.

    • Taxes
    • Banks
    • Working in Switzerland
    • Municipalities can provide information about childcare facilities
    • Register in good time for schools/kindergartens
    • Insurance
Prepare yourself mentally for the move and involve your family, especially your children. Switzerland won’t be exactly as you remember it. Not everything is better in Switzerland than where you live now. Prepare your children for the change of schools and friendships.

3 – 2 months before returning

Look for an apartment/house, e.g. here:

Ask health insurers for quotes for basic and supplementary insurance. We will be happy to help.
Ask your relatives or friends about good GPs in your area.
Check the validity of your travel documents/passports.
Organise the move. Potentially contact companies to transport your belongings. An international move is usually easier with a shipping company as they know all formalities. Collect some quotes. For example: https://www.umzug.ch/umzug_offerte
For customs, it is important to prepare an exact list of the objects being transported. It is also important to comply with Swiss import and customs regulations. For further information, see: https://www.ezv.admin.ch/ezv/en/home/information-individuals/personal-property–students–holiday-homes–getting-married-and-/importation-into-switzerland/moving–household-effects-.html
Do you want to bring your car? Here is some information on the import of vehicles. https://www.ezv.admin.ch/ezv/en/home/information-individuals/road-vehicles-and-watercraft/importation-into-switzerland/vehicles–cars-.html
Find out how and with which bank (or Postfinance) to open an account and the various possibilities.
Inform the OASI/AHV and your pension fund about your move.

1 month before returning

Provide the post office with a notification of moving and postal forwarding order – if this is not possible in your current country.
Organise insurance for your household goods and personal liability. Preferably ask an insurance consultant in Switzerland what you will need. The consultant can also obtain quotes for you. Soliswiss will be happy to advise you: https://soliswiss.ch/en/termin
Inform friends and family where you will live in the future and how to contact you.

Just before returning

Deregister with the relevant authorities.
Initiate the transfer of the apartment/house. If the transfer of the old apartment/house will take place well before the planned return or moving into the new home, a temporary solution must be organised for this period. Alternatively, organise someone who can accept the transfer of your new home in advance.
Depending on your return (1 month after arrival in Switzerland) apply for certificates of insurance for Swiss license plates and purchase insurance for your vehicle(s). We are also very happy to assist with this: https://soliswiss.ch/en/termin
Pack your luggage: what will I need en route and until my goods arrive?

On the day of the return

Am I sure that I have all documents, passports and papers with me?
Has my money been transferred? Do I have enough cash with me (not too much, otherwise it may need to be declared at customs)?
Entry with household effects must take place during customs opening hours.

Back in Switzerland

Move into the new apartment/house.

Register with the relevant authorities. Inform yourself in advance about the registration deadline: https://www.ch.ch/en/notification-departure-registration/

Take the following documents with you:

    • Certificate of origin, individual or for couples (the certificate of origin is returned to you by your old municipality; you can apply for a new certificate of origin at the Civil Register Office of your municipality of origin).
    • Family book, if you have children.
    • Always take a health insurance card or certificate of insurance from the current health insurance policy.
    • Dog owners must also de/register their dog(s).
Open a bank account – if you don’t have one already
Register with the OASI/AHV if you haven’t done so already.
Organise TV, telephone and mobile phone subscriptions.
Change your license plates / vehicle registration at the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Office and have your driver’s license converted. Here is a link regarding the importation of vehicles: https://www.ch.ch/en/importations-cars-switzerland/ 
Have a wonderful Swiss day and enjoy everything that you love about Switzerland. Do you need tips on that? We can even help there.


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