At the upcoming AGM we will propose a fee increase. In 2010, the membership fees were increased for the last time. In 2016, we unified the tariff structure, which resulted in a decrease for many members. Since then, fees have remained unchanged at CHF60 per year for individual membership. Now an increase of membership fees is up for discussion. A lot has happened in the meantime. 

Thanks to you, dear members, thanks to good word-of-mouth advertising, we have been able to welcome more members to the cooperative every year, launch new projects, products and services. We are very happy about that! 

We have continuously expanded our consulting expertise. In spite of the corona pandemic – perhaps also because of it – not only the number of members but also the number of requests for advice on emigration, globetrotting, working abroad and returning home are on the rise. The need to be well-informed, financially secure and legally correct when pulling up stakes and moving to a new place is great. Our members abroad also have many concerns and a return can be more complicated than expected. Every now and then our members get into emergency situations through no fault of their own – being able to help here too is the added value of a cooperative.

In the last three years, we have been able to operate in the black. The black figures are hard-won and fragile. Since 2018, we have made many savings, for example, we moved to much cheaper office space, have fewer employees today than in 2018 – despite expanded counseling services – and have also saved money in other ways where we could. The board members have had their board compensation reduced. The salaries of our employees are very moderate, we do not pay bonuses or a 13th month’s salary, but we work with a lot of commitment and heart and soul. In addition, thanks to the high frequency of inquiries, everyone is pretty much booked up – whether in the area of consulting or in testing and realizing new ideas and solutions for Swiss people abroad. Our processes are efficient – but there remains a basic effort required by law, if only to keep your data secure. Additional members and the charging of consulting services to non-members have led to additional income. However, we are still dependent on the Soliswiss assets generating income to be in the black. In the longer term, ordinary income should cover costs so that we do not have to use our capital in years when the stock markets are weak.

We want to continue to offer real added value. We want you to be well advised and it is important to us to be able to simply listen without the money ticker running. We want you to be able to contact us with big and small concerns and to find open ears – and this at a fair price. It is more important to us that the product is right and that you receive benefits, than that Soliswiss earns as much as possible. It should also be possible to continue to provide pragmatic support to members in need. In order to be able to realize this also in the long term, a tariff adjustment is needed.

Planned tariff structure:

Membership type Membership fee current Membership fee new
Single membership yearly CHF60 CHF90
Couple membership yearly CHF100 CHF150
Lifetime membership CHF900 CHF1200
Lifetime couple membership CHF1500 CHF2200
Junior membership if one parent is a member free of charge free of charge
Club & Company membership CHF150

Likewise, the consulting rate for non-members will be raised to CHF90, so that it remains the same as the price of an annual membership.

Adjustment of membership fees, why now?

Since 2016, our rates have remained the same. Originally, we wanted to address the adjustment at the 2020 General Assembly, but it did not seem the appropriate time. Likewise, we refrained from doing so in 2021 because of the ongoing corona pandemic. Now we are convinced that the right time has come.

As a Soliswiss member you will benefit from the following advantages: A listening ear for all your concerns, counseling and plan b (crisis assistance) included in membership, access to exclusive products including liability insurance for individuals or families, Soliswiss Group Pension Plan, health insurance solutions, free advertisements on the Soliswiss marketplace. Preferential rates: Discounts at the Beobachter-Shop, Various discounts at relocation companies and visa service, Discounted Life Coaching. Support options through assistance fund and lump sum compensation.

Announcement with lead time

Now we are announcing the planned increase of membership fees starting in 2023. We will decide together at the General Assembly in Bern in August 2022 whether the tariff change will be accepted. So, reserve August 16, 2022 and join us at the AGM; let’s discuss and vote on the tariff change.

If the tariff change does happen, you will have plenty of time to consider whether you want to take out a lifetime membership at the old rate, prefer to continue paying the annual dues, or even cancel your membership.

Of course, we hope that you will continue to be a member of the cooperative and remain loyal to us.

Will you be present at the General Assembly or will you be represented? What are your thoughts on the tariff adjustment? Do you have any suggestions for improvement? Are the new membership fees ok or do you find them excessive or still too low? We are interested in your input and welcome it at any time.        



Photo by Josh Appel on Unsplash