Emigrating with Children – What You Need to Know

Worldwide, 07/03/2019

Preparation Suitable, age-appropriate and early preparation of your child is key. Actively involve your child in the emigration process, take their concerns seriously and keep their expectations realistic. It may be especially helpful to take a holiday together in your destination country before you move. This gives your child the opportunity to form a first […] ...

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Take Your Time Booking Hotels Online

Worldwide, 25/02/2019

Soliswiss suggests following the seven tips below in order to avoid such traps when booking hotels online:   1. Read User Reviews Critically The major online booking platforms allow customers to post reviews about the hotels they booked. However, these should always be treated with a healthy dose of scepticism as many of them might […] ...

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From Dream Farm in Switzerland to Dream Resort in Indonesia

Indonesia, 28/11/2018

Swiss Success Stories – Episode I: Maya Hadorn                       A long, long time ago, there was a remote island called Pulau Pef, a small piece of land ruled by a benign Raja (king). Under his rule, the island dwellers enjoyed an untroubled life in peace […] ...

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Conditions de sécurité au Niger

Niger, 23/11/2017

Je consulte les médias nigériens mais je ne trouve que des infos partisanes, voire “censurées” et je souhaite rencontrer des personnes avisées sur l'avenir de ce pays.   Bien à vous toutes et tous. ...

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Success story

Auswandern nach La Palma

Spain, 05/11/2017

Jahrelang waren wir dem Schweizer Winter notdürftig für drei bis vier Wochen entflohen, einmal (2004 bis 2006) gleich für zwei Jahre und, nach dem Wechsel auf einen Saisonjob im Jahre 2012, immerhin jedes Jahr für gut vier Monate. Doch nun wollen wir es definitiv wissen: nie mehr Schnee und Eis!! Klar ist uns von Anfang an: Reisen und Wohnen ist […] ...

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